1968 Plymouth Barracuda 318cui

1968 Plymouth Barracuda 318cui
Unique sports car
top driving fun
Panorama rear window

This not only sporty looking Plymouth Barracuda Fastback belongs to the second built Barracuda generation. It is slightly larger than the first version and also the space in the engine compartment is significantly larger, which pleases all screwdrivers.
In the interior, the rear bench seat is foldable and offers so, up to 7 feet of space. So in the evening you could also lie down in the trunk, look through the panoramic rear window and marvel at the starry sky with the background music of the original radio - and again a priceless moment ...

The 318 engine had a small 2 compartment carburetor installed from the factory. This of course did not give the full power that the 5.2L V8 was capable of. Our Barracuda here has already been upgraded to an Edelbrock Performer aluminum intake (dual plane design) for a 4 barrel carburetor. The carburetor is an Edelbrock 4 barrel carburetor with 600cfm and electric choke. So that the gasoline air mixture is burned as completely as possible and one does not have to readjust or renew the contacts every X km, it was already converted here to an electronic ignition system, as Chrysler has installed in all vehicles since 1973.
So now we have more mixture and that then also burns more completely. So it only makes sense that the original 1 pipe exhaust system was directly exchanged for a double pipe system. These pipes, as well as the super turbo design pots, still look like new! In the middle pipe area one has even mounted by hand screw-on (wing nuts) cut outs. So if you want noise, you can have it. As a crowning touch, the system has 2 chrome-plated "bright exhaust tips" at the end as they were often chosen for otherwise higher models.

Since the engine now runs so much stronger than original, a previous owner has also painted it in the Hemi Orange that the 340cui HP engines had from the factory. We think it looks really good.
The A904 3 speed automatic transmission provides about 25hp more to the rear axle than the larger A727 transmission. A really, from Chrysler, well chosen combination for the light car, which doesn't stress the transmission that much anyway. Small side kick... in the USA behind the big Hemi engines in certain classes also the small A904 transmissions are driven to generate the same advantages!

The engine compartment is tidy and not messed up. The engine is extremely clean, almost like freshly built. There is already a small, light, strong, modern "mini starter" installed. So starting the engine is faster than original. In addition, the engine interior is adorned with the original high flow cast iron manifolds, power steering, a 2 speed wiper motor and a new wiper water reservoir.
A plus is the already additionally installed light relief circuit for driving and high beam. This means much less stress in the main connectors of the firewall, a longer life for the two light switches and also much brighter light, because a higher voltage arrives at the consumer. Oil change Interwalle were kept, so the oil is very clean.

The last 10 years the Barracuda has stood dry at a German Mopar lover and was very rarely driven. All frame parts are straight and the inner fenders have no A-Body typical rust spots. A new galvanized gas tank is already installed, so there will be no rust or dirt problems in the near future. From a distance, the Barracuda stands out with its bright red paint. The car had already rolled out of the factory in this color, and it fits wonderfully with the shapes of the unusual fastback. For those who get up close and personal with the predator, the paint tells of a varied previous car life. So, as the next Barracuda owner, you don't have to be overly concerned about straining the honest finish when you lean on the fender for a cool ride.  The front bumper is slightly pitted, but available cheap new. In return, the grill is dent-free, which is rare to find. A sporty and elegant look gives the red Barracuda, the black side door stripes, the chrome trim around the windows and the wheel wells, as well as the hood mounted signal indicators.

one hell of a drug – engine performance

It is already great and very valuable that the large 8 ¾ rear axle is installed, but it gets even better! It is a slightly shorter, so spritzigere 3.91:1 ratio installed AND the limited slip differential which was rarely installed from the factory is also already in it! So you can get in and draw 2 strokes right away, yes! That for the well running 318cui no problem! This and the additionally larger bolt circle, which there was only from 1973 serially, holds all rim options and all achievement options up to 1000 HP open. We can also build whatever you want out of the car if desired. Since the Barracuda was also delivered with Big Block and even with Hemi, all these engines can be registered for TÜV and H-plates. Of course we can also just support you with such a conversion.

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Reliable large 1 piston front disc brakes were retrofitted. The pistons are so big, that with the low weight of the Barracuda no brake booster is necessary. In the rear, the original 10" drum brakes are installed, which is also already 1" larger than if the car's base had been a 6 cylinder. We test drove the car and the brakes work very well in the set up. The car is carried on cool Keystone Classic Wheels. Front and rear are 15" x 7" as they were used in the 60/70s as an upgrade to the small Mopar wheels. The 195/65-15R tires are quite old and should be replaced. Like most cars from the factory, this car has no stabilizer bar installed. Who wants to roll easily over bumps etc. is well served here. But if you want to go fast around the bend, which is easy with this short, movable Mopar A-body, you should have a front anti-roll bar installed. The front shock absorbers are new.


Here you will find exactly what most would like, the color black.
For those moments when your partner is not sitting next to you, you can fold down the center fold armrest and rest your arm. Since the covers are intact and the upholstery has not hardened, we assume that something has been restored here before. The rear seat folds down to provide a larger cargo area. In the rust-free trunk, including a new trunk seal, are additionally installed, the original rear speakers with stylish chrome cover and a rear window defogger, which dagfür ensures that the rear window does not fog up. Framed by chrome and wood grain applications, the original dashboard includes an original radio, gauges and steering wheel with Plymouth symbol on the horn button. Also making a good impression are the carpet, headliner and door panels.

The car has aroused your interest? Of course you can look at the car after appointment arrangement with us.


Fendertag & Certicard available

VIN decoded: BH29F8B117593

  • Body Type:   B  =  Barracuda
  • Price Class:   H  =  High
  • Body Type:   29  =  2 Door Sports Hardtop
  • Engine:   F  =  318 230HP 1-2BBL 8 CYL
  • Year:   8  =  1968
  • Sequence Number: 117593  =  17593rd Vehical BuiltFender Tag decoded:
  • H5X: Vinyl bench split
  •  PP1:  Bright red- monoton paint
  • 41:   318 230HP 2BBL
  •   5:   3 gear automatic transmission
  •  23:  6,95×14 white wall tires (Originale ab Werk verbaut)

Brake system Disc - Drum
Brake booster No
Vehicle type 2 - door
Gearbox A904 - 3 speed automatic
Rear axle 8 3/4″
Rear axle ratio 3,91 : 1
Body group A-Body
Model Barracuda
Model year 1968
Engine 5,2L - 318cui
Engine Family Mopar Small Block LA-engine

1968 Plymouth Barracuda 318cui

Unique sports car
top driving fun
Panorama rear window