1969 Dodge Charger 512cui Wedge

1969 Dodge Charger 512cui Wedge
800Nm torque
637 DIN PS motor engine
2 x 4fach Carburetor without scoop

The owner has had this 69 Charger for over 20 years. He has done a lot of work on it himself and they have known each other (at least by phone) for a very long time. But now the customer wanted a big all-around on his car. So we picked up the car from his hometown in deepest Bavaria, more than 600km away, and got to work.

The work usually does not start with disassembling the car, but with the consultation. Mostly the customers have some ideas which parts they would like to have installed. This usually results from the fact that they hope that the parts bring the desired effect.
However, since these desired effects are either hearsay or from advertising, they do not always have to correspond to the truth. Our owner has been driving and modifying Mopars since 1991 and there are few who have driven as many Mopars as he has. Therefore, it is his job here with the customer first to work out how the customer later drives his vehicle and what expectations he has of the function and appearance of the vehicle. To do this, it can also be that you simply drive the one or other existing vehicle and see how that affects the customer.

Together with the budget factor, Oliver can then describe a very direct path and also offer quotes on how to achieve this goal as efficiently as possible. This saves the customer a lot of money, time and frustration that would arise with their own trial and error or with less skilled consultants.

Let a Dream come true

so enough rambling, then let's get to the meatballs. The goal is ne really fat but everyday and long-distance suitable eggshell. So we need acceleration performance, deceleration performance, not too tight but not too soft chassis, stable body that does not develop cracks in the paint even despite 800Nm, stable on-board voltage, good illumination in the dark, not too loud and the whole thing should be neatly hidden under the hood and get along without Scoop.

As small niceties came then in addition to good additional indicators that change the lighting color when the value is exceeded, tachometer within the original dashboard, painting engine compartment and touch ups on the rest of the sheet metal dress, new bumpers, special Road Race engine oil pan that builds no deeper than the front axle, engine and transmission oil cooler, new bezels for the dashboard, new grill, performance shifter in the interior with which you can additionally control the line lock and overdrive, extra heavy duty oversized water cooler with electric fans and speed control (so the fans don't operate at full volume when stationary), A727 automatic transmission reinforced by us with extra conversion to manual shift, lightweight aluminum propshaft with oversized 1350 U-joints, oversized Dana 60 rear axle with true track lockout, complete 3″ exhaust system with fan headers that provide ample flow for the 8+ liter engine.

Take a look through the pictures. Below that you will find an area that shows you some of the installed parts. Below that you will find the NEWS section where we have listed the individual stages of the project.

Yes, this is one of the "Über Charger" that exist in Germany. It captivates from our point of view by its exterior simplicity and the not directly obvious outstanding performance that it displays when driving. But the point is to let this "expensive pile of parts" become a reliable functioning something. Ask the owner if you see him at a meeting, he can tell you.

I want something like that, or something like that? Don't waste your money and go directly to those who do nothing else every day since 1991. We are looking forward to your request!