1969 Plymouth Road Runner 383 Block with 496cui

1969 Plymouth Road Runner 383 Block with 496cui
pretty nice car with brute power
383er Block with 496cui
beautiful B5 blue in blue

Was it a coincidence that this Road Runner was ordered from the factory in B5 Blue, or was it because the cartoon featuring the popular blue bird aired in color for the first time this year? Either way, the "Blue Fire Metallic" exterior paint and the equally blue "two tone" interior is a fascinating color combination.

The typical muscle car is known for its simple equipment. Here, however, the High Option Package was chosen. It also has something to offer under the hood and is powered by a 383 engine block. The engine we stroked has a different crankshaft and produces more displacement. Thus it comes on whole 496cui. Thanks to 25% larger intake ports on the cylinder heads and the intake spider, we can generate 600hp here with a mechanical camshaft that has been specially nitrided.

In addition, installed in the engine compartment, is a high-performance ignition system specially assembled by Moparshop, which consists of the following components. A Mopar electronic ignition distributor optimized by us and an Accel high performance ignition flush. The ignition box, also installed by Accel, works on the same principle as all MSD ignition boxes, i.e. "Multiple-Spark-Discharge", but additionally brings a smaller design, waterproof plugs and a freely adjustable rev limiter. Of course, also present are a heavy duty automatic transmission, power steering and brake booster.

The Road Runner was delivered from the factory with air conditioning.
The belt drive in the front has now been removed, just as it was from the factory without air conditioning. In the firewall, the two pipe connections for the A/C have been cut off to make it look a little cleaner. In addition, a modern alternator has been installed. With three times the output power as original. The heating regulation is not connected at the moment, which means that the hot water exchanger in the interior is fully filled throughout. Probably the control valve is leaking. If this were sealed, the regulation could be put back into operation. It is not yet possible to say whether the heating fan is running, it is purely a matter of the hot water regulation in the interior. The fan is mounted, the cables are on and look good.

The engine exhales through the chrome TTI header, which is followed by a TTI 3" X Pipe exhaust system with Magnaflow pots. The original anti-roll bar is fitted to the front suspension. The whole thing is carried by P235/60R15 tires in the front and P275/60R15 tires in the rear on 15" steel "Magnum 500" rims. Braking the bird are the factory heavy duty drum brakes. With their 11″ diameter and 3″ front (2.5″ rear) brake pads, they brake worlds better than the 10 x 2.5″ brake systems on the Muclecar Belvedere and Satellite versions of this body.

Matching the "Blue Fire Metallic" exterior paint, the blue "two tone" interior blends into the color scheme. Also among the High Options are the front individual seats. The entire seat covers are in top condition, as is the interior headliner. Mounted are currently lap belts.
Additional small additions are the Light Package, chrome trim on the inside of the door, the driver's side exterior mirror is adjustable from the inside and a passenger side exterior mirror. Very nice eye catcher on the blue dash is the "Grant" real wood steering wheel with Plymouth horn button. An original tachometer is permanently embedded in the dashboard. The dash pad has already been refurbished. Additional 3 gauges from Auto Meter, from the rather awesome & illuminated Cobalt series, have been added above the center console. There are tachometer, oil pressure gauge & oil temperature gauge. In addition, a shift light is installed. If the correct speed is reached, it lights up. If you imagine to drive a race, you want to look at the race track and not at the tachometer. That's why a light comes on when you should shift into the next gear.

Small beauty flaws there are nevertheless. For example, the Plymouth emblem on the rear seat is missing, and the "Woodgrain" sticker on the center console no longer looks as good as new and is peeling off in places.
At the end of the day though, with small touches, this could be upgraded.

The Road Runner was restored & repainted in California in 2008, a few Polaroid pictures of it are available. The body is in, for its age, good condition. The Mopar typical problem areas look like the following. The trunk floor is still the original, light surface rust is present. The rear window edge is not rotted, but if you look under the stainless trim you can see brown spots.
The end tips of the rear side panels have a few small bubbles on the left and right sides. The paint finish is good for the most part, but not the most perfect. Over the years it has gotten 1-2 small dongs, so if you are looking for a perfectly painted car, you would have to repaint it.

In 2010 it was imported to Europe. From then until now, the car has been driven only 7103 miles, of course it was always stored dry. After some use by the new owner we then upgraded the 383cui to 496cui stroker for the car, which has some good parts in it. Installed was a newly forged crankshaft, forged pistons, also newly forged connecting rods. The later performance test turned out accordingly positive. If desired, the setup can also be softened.

Technically, the vehicle has already been completely checked and partly reworked by us. Defective is the 3 speed wiper motor and the speedometer pointer is in the middle. We have already replaced the defective water pump and the complete coolant. In addition, the water cooler was at our radiator builder and got a new high-performance mesh inserted. In addition, the rims were changed to 15″ and many small defects were eliminated.

Overall, this 1969 Roadrunner is in really good shape. On top of that, the car already has MOT and H license plate. So just register it, turn the key and go...Beep Beep.

The car has aroused your interest? Of course you can look at the car after appointment arrangement with us.

Vin decoded: RM23H9G111750

  • Body Type:    R  =  Road Runner
  • Price Class:    M  =  Medium
  • Body Type:    23  =  2 Door Hardtop
  • Engine:           H  =  383 330HP OR 335HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL
  • Year:               9  =  1969
  • Built in:          St. Louis, MO, USA
  • Sequence Number: 111750  =  11750th Vehical Built

Fender Tag decoded:

  • H9G: 383 330HP OR 335HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL
  • E63:     383 cid 4 barrel V8 High Performance
  • D32:    Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
  • B5:       Bright Blue Metallic (Dodge), Blue Fire Metallic (Plymouth)Exterior Color
  • B5:       Trim – Basic, Cloth/Vinyl Bucket Seats, Unknown Color
  • M6B:   Unknown Int. Door Frames
  • B7:       Build Date: November 7
  • 830:     Order number
  • A01:     Light Package *
  • A04:     Basic (Radio) Group*
  • B51:     Power Brakes
  • C16:     Console w/Woodgrain Panel
  • C55:     Bucket Seats
  • G33:    LH Remote Racing Mirror
  • H51:    Air Conditioning with Heater
  • J25:      3 Speed Wipers
  • L31:     Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals
  • M21:   Roof drip rail moldings
  • N85:    Tachometer
  • R11:     Radio Solid State AM (2 Watts)
  • V7W:   Accent Stripes, White
  • 26:       26“ Radiator
  • END:    End of Sales Codes

Bremsanlage Drum - Drum
Bremskraftverstärker Yes
Fahrzeugtyp 2 - door
Getriebe A727 - 3 speed automatic
Hinterachse 8 3/4″
Karosseriegruppe B-Body
Modell Roadrunner
Modelljahr 1969
Motoren Familie Mopar Big Block B-engine
Brake system Drum - Drum
Brake booster Yes
Vehicle type 2 - door
Gearbox A727 - 3 speed automatic
Rear axle 8 3/4″
Body group B-Body
Model Roadrunner
Model year 1969
Engine Family Mopar Big Block B-engine

1969 Plymouth Road Runner 383 Block with 496cui

pretty nice car with brute power
383er Block with 496cui
beautiful B5 blue in blue