Kolbenringe 318cui 3.930″ Bohrung, +.020″

Kolbenringe 318cui 3.930″ Bohrung, +.020″
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  • Sealed Power
  • HE178K20
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Kolbenringe für 318cui Motor .020 over Moly Brand: Sealed Power Product Line:... mehr


"Kolbenringe 318cui 3.930″ Bohrung, +.020″"
Kolbenringe für 318cui Motor
.020 over Moly

Brand: Sealed Power
Product Line: Sealed Power Performance Piston Ring Sets
Part Type: Piston Rings
Bore (in): 3.930 in.
Bore (mm): 99.822mm
Top Ring Included: Yes
Top Ring Thickness: 5/64 in.
Second Ring Included: Yes
Second Ring Thickness: 5/64 in.
Oil Ring Included: Yes
Oil Ring Thickness: 3/16 in.
Oil Ring Tension: Standard
File Fit: No
Gapless: No
Top Ring Material: Iron
Top Ring Facing Material: Moly
Second Ring Material: Iron
Second Ring Facing Material: Cast iron
Oil Ring Material: Stainless steel
Quantity: Sold as a set.

Piston Rings, Moly, 3.930 in. Bore, 5/64 in., 5/64 in., 3/16 in. Thickness, 8-Cylinder, Set

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Sealed Power offers these piston rings for stock or mild performance rebuilds.
These OE-quality piston rings are made from ductile iron, and compression rings are available with moly, chrome, and plasma-moly facings for extra durability. They'll seal mild to high-compression engines, help protect against oil blowby, and feature standard ring end gaps for easy installation.
Packmaße: 190 × 190 × 50 mm
Gewicht: 1.56 kg
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