Karosserieschraubensatz 68 B-Body

Karosserieschraubensatz 68 B-Body
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Enthält 132 Teile: Battery Tray Bolts, Decklid Bolts, Horn Mounting Bolts, Fender Bolts,... mehr


"Karosserieschraubensatz 68 B-Body"
Enthält 132 Teile:
Battery Tray Bolts, Decklid Bolts, Horn Mounting Bolts, Fender Bolts, Hood Hinge Bolts, Hood Latch Screws, Taillight Mounting Nuts, Master Cylinder Nuts, Radiator Mounting Bolts, Ground Wire Screw, Valance Bolts, Fender and Door Jamb Studs, Firewall Nuts, Grill Brace Bolts, Hood Safety Latch Bolts und mehr...

All kits come with a list of items (placed in numbered bags) and where they go. A numbered bag may be listed with same number, more than once if the same items is used in more than one place.

The interior screw kits includes all screws you can remove with a screw driver without removing something else first. (items like screws behind dash bezel would not be in the kit).

The exterior screw kits will be all screws on the exterior of the car that you can remove with a screw driver without having to remove something else first. (gas filler neck screws would not be in the kit). We use mostly stainless steel screws in our exterior screw kits, if the correct size is available from our suppliers.

The underhood and trunk kits will include all visible bolts, nuts, u-nuts, washers, and screws under the hood & trunk less the motor and lower suspension items, plus it includes fender bolt u-nuts which are not technically visible.

If you have to remove something to see the other items, those items will not be in the dress up kit. We do not make a complete ground up screw and bolt kit. Most people want the items to dress up their car for show. We try to make our kits service the majority of customers, but not waste a lot of money on items they don't need. Other items may be available on our website in the fastener catalog. All the fastener pictures will print out actual size.

The bumper bolt kits include the stainless steel capped bumper bolts, washers, and nuts to mount the bumper to the bumper brackets. The bolts are zinc plated with stainless steel caps. Some people think (incorrectly) that bumper bolts were stainless steel throughout. That is not correct. Neither is the other items in the kit. All stainless bumper bolts would be less durable that the steel bolts with a SS cap. I am sure that is why the car makers made them that way.

The bumper mounting kits include the bolts, washers, and nuts that mount the brackets to the body.
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Packmaße: 240 × 130 × 20 mm
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