Help & Support

You have questions regarding your Mopar and you don´t know who to ask? We have answers!

If you have questions regarding the online store, how to order, how to pay or how you find the correct part for your vintage Mopar, the following instructions will help you as guidelines!

Guidance by phone

If you have any questions regarding spare parts, feel free to call us! To make sure we talk about the same topic, please tell us your first and last name, the model and the year of your car. With that information on hand, it´s easier for us to give the correct advices quickly.

Guidance by email

You can send your request via Email as well. This makes it easier to send pictures or sketches of parts or problems you need to fix. With that, we can visually see the same. In case you haven´t ordered parts from us, please be so kind and add your contact – and address information, as well as some information of the car. We can add you to our customer data and send you a complete and correct offer as soon as possible.

You are aiming for a complete restauration and you need guidance on how to start properly? We can be by your side all the way! From basic sheet metal work to the last license plate bolt! We can supply everything made for 1962 – 1978 Mopar. Regarding sheet metal, we have the biggest AutoMetalDirect stock in Europe. We take care of everything Mopar and we can profit from over 20 years of parts search and connecting. We know where we can find which part for what price!

Your Mopar body is complete and you are waiting for it to get back from the paint booth? You have issues with the assembly? We surely can supply every part you need from here as well! Starting with the so called Paint Gasket Kits with all gaskets needed after a new paint. Finishing with decals and stripe kits for all mean looking Mopar Muscle Cars. In the same breath, we recommend adding sound deadener. We carry all needed products from Dynamat!

How is you interior? Still looking good or worn out after years of daily use back in the days? Are your seats or your carpet ripped? We are distributor for Legendary Auto Interiors! That guarantees the best quality and the biggest range of Mopar interior parts for you! Seat covers and door panels for most models, a huge selection of carpets and colors and everything else made for your Mopar interior is available through us.

Hot Rod your Mopar

Without hot rodding, our life would be less exciting! Real Muscle Cars are in fact tuned and optimized from factory. You want to tune and optimize your Mopar? We know our stuff! From Drag Strip to freeway race, we built lots of variations throughout the years! With over 20 years of Mopar knowledge, we selected the best parts available. We don´t care about names or advertising, we care about function! Of course we also did mistakes and learned our lessons. And you profit from that now!

Mopar Authentic Restoration

This is another league! Be aware that, with aiming for an authentic restoration, most aftermarket and reproduction parts are not permitted! The goal here is to find either the best reproduction part available or an original part that is better than yours or to rebuild your old original part. We can help you with all of those options! 

Serveral ways to order

Besides phone, email or fax, you can surely order via our online store! Just put the wanted parts in the basket and go through the different steps to order. Please be aware that the online store shows just a glimpse of all the parts we can supply! In general we made it our goal to supply everything made for 1962 to 1978 Mopar (Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge & Imperial)! If you couldn´t find the part you´re looking for, feel free to contact us! Especially for dealers, we also can supply everything for all other makes, even if we can´t consult in that case. If you have partnumbers of the wanted parts, we surely can check and send you an offer! All orders for foreign car makes are non-refundable and non-returnable Special Orders!

Delivery options

We can send everything! From complete engines to complete roof skins! We also offer a pick-up service for the parts you want us to fix. We pick them up, fix them and send them back to you! In contrast to all other distributors and suppliers, we also offer an entrepot! So you can add parts to your order as long as it´s not complete and ready to ship. After receiving the final invoice, this option is not applicable anymore. If you need parts of the order before that, we can send you a partial shipment anytime. Be aware that every shipment generates delivery costs.