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There are many reasons to use vintage original parts. Some parts are not available new, some don't fit like original and some have just not the right look. Sometimes used parts are cheaper than reproductions, sometimes you just want to keep the spirit. That's why we storage tons of used parts! That storage is helpful with our daily work in the shop, as we have pretty much everything right here. Unfortunately, we can't list all of our used parts online. That would cost way too much time. But you can surely send a request for used parts anytime.

Ask for used parts you are looking for!

You can mail or fax, send pictures or drawings. But remember that we need some time to search for your wanted part. That's why we probably won't answer the next day with all infos you requested.

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Used parts range

Used parts
In the last decades, lots of different Mopar parts have found their way in our storage. Sometimes from a dying Mopar we had to part out, sometimes because we just had to buy those good, rare or just cool parts.

On hundreds of shelfs, we have a huge variety of used parts storaged. Engine parts, transmission parts, moldings, interior parts, taillights and wheels to name just a few!

Sheet metal
We also have a big storage of used sheet metal parts. Hoods, fenders, trunk lids, bumpers are on stock all the time! With tons of used parts on one and the AMD new part portfolio on the other hand, we can surely supply all your sheet metal needs!

We believe to have a unique selection of used Mopar engines and transmissions. It happen to be the biggest in Europe for sure! You won´t find someone within 2500km with more used blocks, heads, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, transmissions and complete engines!

Bottom Line
From front to rear, from interior to exterior, instrument panel or rear axle, we can cover all your Mopar needs! If a part is not offered new, we probably have it used. If we don’t have it in stock, we know someone who has.

With connections to a variety of dealers, collectors and enthusiasts all over the world, there might be no Mopar part, we can´t offer to you.