Even if you find lots of information on the...


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Even if you find lots of information on the internet these days, books are still on top of the line. Especially if you want to work on your car yourself, we recommend service manuals! Those 2 Inch weighty tomes contain almost every technical information for the respective model or body. Besides the written texts, plenty of detail sketches and blown-up drawings are included. Diagnostics all the way!

Besides the technical, we recommend illustrated books for everyone who is interested in the history of Mopar! Especially before buying a Mopar, those books help defining your wishes. Knowledge of models, body-styles and options are included in lots of those books. Even though most Mopars these days don´t have the original condition anymore.

Technical books and manuals are neccesary, when you want to rebuild your carb or your engine yourself! If you want to go for an engine rebuild yourself, we recommend reading and understanding at least two books before!