Wheels might just be a small part of our...

Wheels & Tires

Wheels might just be a small part of our mopars, but they have a huge effect on the look and the driveability. The questions always are “What is legal?”, “What makes sense?” and “What fits?”

Usually we recommend 7” wide wheels in the front and 8” wide wheels in the rear. Those are almost original looking sizes. We can offer you all sizes you want, that´s for sure. Bigger problem than wheels is tires. We surely can offer you white letter tires in 15” all day, but what other specs do you wish? How fast do you want to go? Strip, street or highway? Just tell us what you are aiming for and we will set you up with a complete offer with all you need.

We also have a wide range of non-streetlegal racing tires, E4 and / or DOT legal street tires and everything in between!