A couple of years ago, the aftermarket jumped...

Gauges & Accessories

A couple of years ago, the aftermarket jumped on it and we´re very proud to offer them to you: new reproduction O.E. gauges! If you can´t find the gauge you´re looking for, just send us a mail or give us a call! We´re happy to help you!

Apart from Amperemeter, Speedometer and Tachometer, all gauges were fed by a 5-volt controller.  If you have a failure in your gauges, it might be that regulator! By the way: fuel gauges seldomly show 100% full!

If you are looking for gauges additional to your originals, we can offer you a wide range of Autometer products. As we don´t have the capacity to put all gauges online, we recommend to check out the brands website for the needed informations. With the partnumber in your request, we can give you pricing and deliver times immediately! VDO, Stewart-Warner and Sunpro are also easily available through us!