Almost every car equipped with an air...

Cooling & Heating

Almost every car equipped with an air conditioning or an „HD cooling option“ had a larger radiator (in most cases 26” wide). A fan shroud guides the air in the correct direction. In the early 60s made from steel, later made of plastic.

An electronic fan was not needed. Not even in the warmer regions and states. An electric fan is also no power adder at all! Nonetheless, depending on the power of the car, you can add an electric fan if you like. To make that installation efficient, the fan should be installed between radiator and engine! 2x10” fans should do the job anytime.

To optimize the cooling, you can also install a high flow net in your original radiator. An aluminum radiator is also possible. This will just work in combination with a high-flow water pump and a high-flow thermostat! You should never ever drive without a thermostat in general! The cheap sets offered by lots of distributors are mostly arranged without or with a wrong thermostat. That means cold oil!

If you like, we can offer you all custom solutions for engine and transmission.