Here we have some products we use in our shop...

Paint & Car Care

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Here we have some products we use in our shop ourselves – as all parts are used and tested by us! We want to make sure the stuff works!

Some advice and tricks:

Brake cleaner is your friend and it is the most used part in our shop. It cleans, removes grease and can be used as jump start. Every Mopar-Driver should have a can available at any time!

Silicone spray is awesome to take care of rubberparts. From trim to tire walls, it works! It can also be used as installation tool for hoses!

Lucas Oil Slick Mist is the best quick detailer on the market! It´s a sprayable wax to apply after washing your car. Your paint looks deeper, cleaner and more slick than ever before!

Fluid Film is a rust prevention and cavity protection in one! If you find rust on your Mopar, just spray and be safe for the next years! That spot won´t rust any further!