You can spot a 2-barrel carburetor based on...

Air & Fuel Delivery

You can spot a 2-barrel carburetor based on the 2 butterfly valves mounted on one shaft.

A 4-barrel carburetor has 4 valves on 2 shafts

A 6-pack Setup has two 2-barrel carburetors.

The flap you see first when you take off the air filter is the choke. It covers 2 of the valves at each carburetor.

1-barrel carburetors were only installed on /6 engines. Mostly made by Holley or Carter.

4-barrel Holley carburetors can be told by the floating chambers attached in the front and the rear of the carburetor.

All High Performance engines came with a 4-barrel carburetor from factory.

Max Wedge, GenII Hemis and some other rare cars came with two 4-barrel carburetors

To reach a great street performance, you mostly don´t need more than one good adjusted 4-barrel carburetor. If you are interested in better mileage, you should go for an Edelbrock carburetor. Those are close to the Carter versions back in the days and they offer the most possibilities of tuning.

If you want to go performance all the way, we recommend carburetors with the typical Holley design. Just to name a few more brands from our portfolio, you can also choose Demon or QuickFuel for great results!

Typical issues with 318ci and 360ci Small Blocks with broken carburetors:

In most cases, a rebuild kit, the correct adjustment and a little “tune-up” will help. If that does not help, we recommend buying a new 2-barrel carburetor. Switching to a 4-barrel is way more expensive and it does not affect the performance at any time! It just increases your milage on a original 2-barrel engine setup!

If you need any assistance finding the perfect carburetor for your engine, we can surely help you! Just give us a call or send an email!