Exactly, even in modelyear 1962 you will find...

Safety Equipment

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Exactly, even in modelyear 1962 you will find all threads to install safety belts in your classic Mopar!

We do not only list original belt systems, but also lots of racing developed aftermarket solutions.

If you have ever been strapped down with a 3” 2-point system, you know how safe that feels. With all the aftermarket products evolving from racing solutions, you can choose between “pull up” and “pull down” systems. Please be aware, that not every system makes sense for every application! A 2-point system for the rear bench should for example be a “pull down” system, as it is impossible to reach and fasten a “pull up” belt sitting there! Besides those solutions, we have some 3-point conversion sets to offer! Bucket or bench, front or rear, we can help you and provide perfect fitting safety equipment for your needs!