All modern cars of course have much more...

Gaskets & Seals

All modern cars of course have much more reliable sealing systems than all of our beloved Mopars combined. But with some accurate work and the correct parts, it is possible to seal old cars properly!

Just remember this:

Sealer like RTV-silicone can only work, when the surface is 100% clean. No oil, no grease!  Brake cleaner is your friend!

Always wait a day until the sealer is hardened completely

Retorque gently after the first warm-cold-cycle

Threads never seal themselves. Therefore we use sealer, Loctite and so on

Valve covers, oil pans and other thin metal parts like to bend over the years. Before sealing with a new gasket, be sure the surface is plain.

For uneven surfaces, always use cork gaskets

If you have a plain surface, you can easily use gaskets made of paper. They will stay in place longer than cork ones. The top of the line are gaskets made of plastic with notches to stay in place.

Silicone is not resistant to fuel! That´s why it is not qualified for Intake manifolds!

The use of an intake manifold gasket with blocked heat crossover makes sense in almost every Mopar engine! The carburetor stays cooler and the fuel won´t boil. On the other hand, you should backup from a gasket like that when you are using an original carburetor with heat-choke!