Almost all original HP (High Performance)...


Almost all original HP (High Performance) engines come with a dual exhaust from factory. Some models even have special resonators instead of the “ususal” 2 mufflers. They should reduce interior noise and general volume.

Real headers were not available from factory as well. You only had big and heavy exhaust manifolds, which made the engine breathing  complicated. However, High Performance manifolds were optioned on the HP engines, allowing more airflow with a 2,5” inside diameter. Even though the original exhaust manifolds have some pros on their list: less interior noise, more space for the starter and the steering gears, easier to seal and compared to most headers, much more ground clearance.

Headers on the other hand let the engine breath properly. Lots of people say that you need stagnation point pressure to call all power. Reality shows, that less resistance is more effective! Even though, a diameter to big, can cost power. In general it´s said, that you can go 2,5” diameter exhaust systems up to 450 horsepower. Up that, you´d rather go 3”.

Cheap headers won´t bring you far on that subject. To offer you the best solution, we decided to go with TTI headers. Not the cheapest way to drive headers on your Mopar, but they for sure have the most ground clearance, the best quality and perfect fitment.

Mufflers is another topic to talk about. To make it easier, we have 3 noise levels to offer:

Dynomax Super Turbo will deliver a deep, original and true V8 chuggle sound.

Magnaflow muffler are mostly deep and chuggly in idle and low range, getting a little more aggressive when hitting the right pedal. They have an incredible good airflow with the chance of having some interior noise .

With the Flowmaster mufflers, you will attract attention.  No damping, interior noise and a screaming sound. They can bite your nerves on a long trip. But they can make pretty much anything sound like a racecar.

In general:

  • more volume muffler, more power and less noise
  • on a correct exhaust system, cut-outs will increase the sound level and reduce the power
  • if you have interios noise, resonators will help
  • turn down exhaust tips will reduce loudness
  • the milder the engine, the quieter the exhaust system.

Do you need help? We will surely help you decide!